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Installation FAQ's

FAQ's about the Autopilot

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FAQ's about other Gauges

Other questions about the BAe 146 Panel




Installation FAQ's



"Do I need FSUIPC.dll for this panel?"


No! The complete panel based fully on FS2004 variables and did not require any FSUIPC function.




"Could I used the included replacement FDE's also in FSX?"

Yes, this should be possible. Just try it.




"Why takes it such a long time to load the aircraft and the panel?"

When loading the first thing the panel do is to deactivate the Flight simulator systems (especially the electrical system) then this panels itís own systems for the electricity, the fuel system and the hydraulics. This takes a while but it will not brake down the frames as it is just necessary one time when loading the panel.




"After installing the panel almost all of the gauges are missing!"


The reason is, that you didnít unzip the into the gauges folder or you have completely unzipped the files of the cab file into the gauges folder. Do not unzip the cab file itself. The Flight simulator unzips this cab file automatically when he needs it. Just take care, that the file is in your gauges folder!




FAQ's about the Autopilot



"Sometimes I hear the autopilot disconnect sound of the flight simulator although the autopilot is still engaged."

The BAe 146 panel has an own autopilot disconnect sound which is controlled from a gauge. This is necessary because of the very complex autopilot functions of this panel. To eliminate the wrong AP disconnect sound, please follow the installation description of chapter 2.3 .




"Why will IAS hold disconnected when pressing ALT hold?"

Well, this is a normal function. IAS and Mach hold uses pitch changings for holding the speed and pitch changings are not possible if ALT hold is active.




"Could I use a separate navigation gauge (GPS, FMS or GNS) or FSNavigator to control the BAe 146 autopilot?"

Yes, thatís possible but like in the real aircraft, only for lateral navigation. To follow the route of your additional navigation tool, you must use the LNAV function of the BAe 146 autopilot.




"How could I fly a standard MS flightplan?"

To activate the standard Flight Simulator flight plan, the autopilot must be engaged. It is now very important FIRST to activate VOR/LOC before activating the GPS mode. After that, the BAe 146 autopilot follows the standard flight plan.




Aircraft and Engine Control FAQ's


"Is it possible to start the engines with the FS autostart Strg+E?"

No this is not possible. You have to go through the complete start-up procedure to activate the panel or you could use the invisible auto starter of the overhead panel. Please read the corresponding chapter in this manual.




"I could not start engine 2 and 3."

This could happen if you flew another aircraft before the BAe 146 and you stop the engines with the mixture control, or if you have saved a cold and dark cockpit situation when starting. In this case sometimes the mixture controls of engine 2 and 3 stay closed. There are now two ways to activate them. Either you open the mixture control in another aircraft or you press the keys cntr+shift+F4 when the BAe 146 is loaded to switch on the mixture of engine 2 and 3. Now it should be possible to start all engines. This will be corrected with the next update.




"Why is it not possible to activate different throttles with the key command ďE +Ē in flight?"

The reason for this is the complexity of he panel. There are a lot of processes active while flying (AP commands, system commands, Ö) which have to use standard MSFS key commands. Because of this, the second key command gets lost. Nevertheless there is a solution for this problem if itís necessary for you to use key sequences in flight. Just download and install ďrcbse-10.zipĒ from Rob Barendregt. This file could be found on Avsim or and should solve the problem.




"I couldnít activate the reverse thrust!"

Well, the reason for this is simple. The ARJ and BAe 146 didnít have any reverse thrust.




"The EPR gauge shows always zero also when the engines are running."

Some BAe 146 aircraft did not have the necessary EPR entry in the airfile. If you are using Jon Murchisonís aircraft please use the included airfile which correct this.




"I could not switch on or off the HP fuel cut-off switch in the pedestal panel."

It's just possible to switch the fuel cut-off switches if th throttles are in the Idle position. If the fuel cocks are closed (switch is off) and you are using a hardware throttle, you couldn't see the real position of the throttles in the panel. Please take care that your throttle is moved back to the zero position. Sometimes it could also be that your throttle calibration is not correct. When you load the pedestal panel and you move the mouse over the throttle or over one of the throttle movement areas (not directly over the fuel cutoff switches!) you should not read more than 9% in the tooltip text. If you read more than 9% you should recalbibrate the zero position of your throttle.




"Why did the TMS not hold the exact TGT temperature or N1 RPM when it is active?"

The TGT and N1 hold function of the TMS is very complex and it is realized with a lot of tricks because the Flight Simulator did normally not support such a function. Because of this, the tolerance area is greater than with the real world TMS. Nevertheless the tolerance should not be too big. When you have too much problems holding a calculated N1 or adjusted TGT, you should check if you are using the correct replacement flight dynamics.




FAQ's about other Gauges



"The gauges stays dark after deactivating the panel flood light."

This happens because the main panel bitmap with all gauges will not refresh sometimes. To solve this just switch on and off or off and on the gauge lights.




"I could not set the lift spoilers."

Please take care that you have installed the correct panel version. Every aircraft designer use a different way to set the lift spoilers. Because of this there are different panel versions for the model of Paul Hannity, Jon Murchison or other aircraft designers. Some Models did not support visual lift spoilers (Mike Stoneís model for example). Nevertheless you could simulate a real working function when installing the panel files for the models of Jon Murchison and other aircraft designers.




"I have problems adjusting the Nav and ADF radios."

The frequencies of the Nav and ADF radios were stored in the ML-BAe146v40_Config.ini and ML-BAe146v40_Config2.ini. Those files and the two *.gau files with the same name MUST be directly in the gauges folder. Itís not possible to install those files in a separate subfolder.




"I could not hear any ATC message when on ground and no running engines"

Yes, this is a bug in the panel which will be corrected in the next update. Until I release the update you could correct it with an easy way.  Just search in the aircraft.cfg of your BAe 146 for the entry [electrical] and change it into:


max_battery_voltage = 24
generator_alternator_voltage = 28
max_generator_alternator_amps = 60
avionics_bus = 0, 5 , 17.0
avionics = 1, 5 , 17.0
additional_system = 0, 2 , 17.0
marker_beacon = 0, 2 , 17.0
electric_always_available = 1




Other questions about the BAe 146 Panel



"It seems that the panel state will not be saved from my system."

The ML-BAe146v40_Config.ini and ML-BAe146v40_Config2.ini files MUST be installed directly in the gauges folder. The panel state will be stored in those files.




"How could I restore the original cold and dark situation?"

The original cold and dark cockpit situation is saved in the files ML-BAe146v40_Config.ini and ML-BAe146v40_Config2.ini. This file will always be modified when leaving the BAe 146 panel. To restore the original cold and dark cockpit situation, just unzip those files once again into the gauges folder (overwrite the existing files) when the Flight Simulator is not running.




"The letters in the overhead panel are too small. I couldnít read them!"

I know this but it was necessary to give the panel a realistic look. For a better handling I recommend to print this manual. Another way is to move the mouse upon the switch or instrument and you will a tootip text which shows you what for the switch or instrument is.




"How could I open the second door or the cargo doors?"

Opening the second aircraft entry or the cargo doors is possible with the standard key command. However there are a few things which are important for this. The cargo doors just could be opened I the fuel cocks in the pedestal panel are opened, the batteries are switched on and at least the DC pump of the hydraulic system is on (brake pressure must be available). After this, the key command work.